No Mas Muertes- SI Joins the Water Drop: July 23

4:40 am wake-up call to go on a "water drop" in the desert...

1755 recorded deaths in the desert since 2009- due mostly to dehydration in the summer or hypothermia in the winter. All week working at the Comedor we've heard first-hand stories of the harrowing 5-8 day journey, we've learned that most migrantes are lied-to (by coyotes) about the realities of crossing in the desert, and are woefully unequipped. It is estimated that a person needs 7 gallons of water to walk the trek, and most migrantes only bring 1 gallon. 

So at dawn, we crawled out of bed to join the effort of bringing water to the migrant routes...we were a little sleepy, but glad to join Pablo and Humane Borders.
Humane Borders, also known as Fronteras Compasivas, is a faith-based group whose mission statement is to ensure a "just and humane border environment." They have 102 water stations in place in southern Arizona, Mexico and New Mexico. In an effort to curb the incidents of death in the desert, Humane Borders is working towards acquiring more permits for additional water stations (particularly on the large Native reservation, which currently is protected land). 

**Prayers tonight for our friends Umberto and Andres, as they make their journey into the desert again. 

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